History Of Everesting

'Everesting' originates from the Australian city of Melbourne, where a group of cyclists named the 'Hells 500' came up with the ultimate test of endurance. The increasingly popular challenge involves:

Once verified, riders earn entry into the 'Hall Of Fame' where ride details can be viewed, including overall time, distance and elevation. More importantly, the list confirms if you were the first to 'Everest' your climb.

The first successful 'Everest' was completed by an Australian man named George Mallory (grandson of the great British mountaineer of the same name) back in 1994. After several attempts over a one year period, he managed the 10 repeats needed to crack Mt Donna Buang and reach the 29,029ft (8,848m) target.

Twelve years later in 2006, came 'Everest' number two, this time in Canada by a Mr Lawrence Silcox. Fast forward another six years and to Italy, where Carlo Gironi bagged number three.
'Everesting' was beginning to gather pace, and by the end of 2012 four more names had been added to the 'Hall of Fame'.
As 'Everesting' spread globally, Six more successful attempts were made in 2013, however, things were about to really explode.

In the first six months of 2014, no less than 84 people completed the challenge worldwide. This included our first successful attempt on UK soil, when French man Pierre Guern 'Everested' Edgehill near Radway on March 29th. Since then, UK entry's have risen dramatically as riders race to bag their favourite climbs.

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