Monday 22 September 2014

6x Up The Legendary Mount Ventoux

UK cyclist Chris Ward recently became the 13th and oldest Brit (at 51) to complete the gruwling Bicinglette Challenge in France, this was achieved by completing six ascents of Mount Ventoux in under 24 hours. Although not technically an 'Everesting' due to taking several different routes up the mountain, the challenge does mean climbing 8886m of elevation on one of the worlds most famous cycling mountains. Thanks to Chris for sharing his video of the days events.

By Chris Ward

The Bicinglette Challenge is unique to Mount Ventoux. There are three roads up from the three towns around its base; Bedoin, Sault and Malaucene (there is actually also a 4th track up). To date 6,857 riders have completed three ascents in one day - once up and won each route, but only 97 riders, including only 12 Britons, have completed six - two up and down each road - the Bicinglette Challenge. Six ascents of Mount ventoux totals well over 8886 metres of climbing. Two of the routes are classified HC and one is a cat 1 climb. It’s a long day in the saddle for anyone.

Chris's Website: 'WorkWhereYouLike'

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