Sunday 7 September 2014

Good Deals on Ex-display Exposure Bike Lights

Evans Cycles are currently selling off ex-display Exposure bike lights. I opted for an Exposure Maxx D  
Mk5 to use in my latest Everest attempt, the light had around a 45% discount and cost roughly £180.
Although not a cheap light they have a fantastic build quality and seemed an ideal tool to Everest with:

  • Very bright, 1600 lumens on full beam.

  • Long battery life, anything from 2 to 36 hours depending on setting (you can get a good 12 hours of very bright lighting)

  • The light also benefits from 'smart port technology' which allows it to be used as a back up power supply. This comes in very handy when combined with a Boost Cable as you can recharge your Garmin during a long ride.
(WARNING! Do not use your regular cable supplied with the Garmin for charging your unit during an activity, if you do your Activity will be wiped! In order to do this you will need an 'On The GO' cable (OTG), these cables have an internal pin missing which tricks the garmin in to thinking its not being charged. To join the Boost Cable to the OTG cable you will need a 'USB 2.0 A male to A male connector' )

I would highly recommend double checking that your charging system works before setting out to do your Everesting, no one wants to loose a ride after 17 hours in the saddle.



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